About Us

Who are we?

Cricket asportsn serves as a one-stop hub to cater the cricketing news at the fingertips with the prime aim—to be the first in delivering the news. For the digital medium, the passionate youngsters have been contributing to make it big. Our mission is to provide news with no touch of artificiality. We feel pleasure in introducing CA, as our vision is to keep the valuable readers updated about the current happenings across the cricketing globe.

When was it launched?

While considering cricket is the big thing in India following the massive fan following, Cricket asportsn made its debut in september 2024 (founded by Mr. Prakash Gupta). As of now, asportsn is a home to millions of readers on the basis of a monthly viewership. Eventually, it provides you with the daily dose of news, match reports, analysis, stats, views and extensive pieces from the world of cricket. Living the dream! Cricket asportsn’s CEO Mr. Prakash Gupta is the firm believer of introducing something fresh and eventually respecting the demands of the varied audience in the competitive market.

What we actually believe in?

Pertinently, the clarity of the content is our priority in nutshell and objectivity is to be free from any bias whatsoever. In addition, it’s a platform for aspiring journalists who want to pursue the career in sports journalism—to showcase their talent. As the CA nears its first year, we are looking forward to striving to provide the essence of gentleman’s game cricket owing to a spirit of fair writing.

Why we exist?

The quest is to produce best since we have been on an epic ride while working with such integrity and professionalism. To deliver the best possible outcomes and in order to sustain, we work together efficiently as a team to make it even greater by feeding the numbers to our invaluable audience. With the small sample of our entire dedicated staff, Saurab Gupta, Aditya Kumar Nema, Ashish dwivedi,Adarsh Singh and Vishu Netam take care of the editing part—in a bid to produce effectively the best possible result.


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